Thanks for the great shoot!

Thanks for the great shoot! I am very fortunate that you allowed me to take your senior pictures. I consider it a privilege to be a part of your senior experience that way. I do not take it lightly knowing that these pictures can being hanging in someone's wall for decades to come. So, thank you!

When you look through the pictures, you will find a number usually with your first or last name then a three digit number at the end of your name. This number is important for ordering later. When you look through the pictures, look at the overall look of the picture and do not get focused on something distracting in the background or maybe a hair out of place. Most of those things can be fixed when you are ready to order. You will just have to let me know when you make your order. 

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When you complete the order form, please send me an email or text to let me know. From there you will receive and invoice to confirm the prints you wanted. Once I get a confirmation from you then I will offically send for the order. The ordering process can take about three to four weeks. Please be careful of this if you procrastinate!