Order Senior Pictures

How to Order?
Go through your gallery and determine which pictures you would like the order. Note the three or four digit number. Please do NOT use the "3/25" (3 of 25) number. That can confuse the photographer sometimes. You should see CHI_#### or Yourname-###.  Use those numbers. They are typically located near the bottom/middle section of the page and not directly below the picture.

After you Order
Roughly three to five business days after you order your pictures, you should receive an invoice from the email you submitted with your form. Please look it over for accuracy. If you need to make any changes, please feel free to contact me.

Optional Tip

If you log into the gallery via Facebook or Google, you can comment upon and select your favorites. This can make life easier for you because you can filter by pressing "See All" and only include the pictures that have been favorited. This helps with all of the noise of the pictures you do not want to see. The people that I have talked to really liked the feature after using it. 


Please complete the form below

Senior First Name (SPELLED ON WALLETS) *
Senior First Name (SPELLED ON WALLETS)
It is really important that you get this correct because it is this spelling that the photographer is going to use on the wallets.
Parent or Guardian Name *
Parent or Guardian Name
It is easier to order per picture number. Everything ordered between this line and the next will be associated with the picture number you note below.
Step 2: Picture Size and Quantity (ORDER FIRST/REQUIRED) *
Step 3: Picture Size and Quantity (Optional)
Please select all that apply. The pictures ordered here will be
Please note anything that you would perhaps like done with the picture such as "crop in closer" or get rid of or change some item in the background.