Thanks so much for the great shoot!  The work/effort you placed into the shoot made it to be a solid experience.  The images look awesome!

Remember that these images are straight out of the camera.  When it comes time to pick out your images, look at the overall appearance and ignore things such shine, blemished and out of place hair.  Those will be fixed in post.  Color variations (ex. black and white or the "Instagram" effect) are just a stylistic look.  When you pick out the images, you will be given the regular look and in some instances several different stylized looks.  

You may pick up to seven images to be touched up.  The "goofy" ones are on me so do not pick those as your seven.  :) Once you have decided upon your pictures, just use the number of the picture as your identifier. It should look like img_XXXX.

Here is your gallery.