Thank for looking into ordering pageant pictures with me.  Pending upon the event, I will both capture the stage shots and head shots.  For this pageant I will be doing both.  The following is brief information about both.

Stage Shots

For stage shots, I charge per time on stage.  You can pick and choose what you want to order.  Each time is $12.  If you want just formal wear and crowning, then it will be just $24.  After the event is over, the charge becomes $20 per time on stage. Order forms will be available during registration.

Head Shots

I will be taking head shots before and during the event.   These will mostly likely occur during registration and before crowning.  The head shots will resemble the ones seen at the top of the page.  The background will be white and cropped at the waist or closer.  I will not be able to do full body shots at this event. Each session or look is $50.  This include a 15 minutes session, one touched up image of your choice from an untouched gallery delivered approximately three weeks after the shoot. The untouched gallery will typically include 20 images.  You will be able to order more touched up pictures for $25 per image and the entire untouched gallery for $100.  A $15 deposit that is applied the $50 session fee will be required.  For this pageant, there will be 4 slots available.  It is impossible to give a time for the shoot.  I will prioritize the order in which the person has been registered. If the time runs out or you cannot be scheduled that day, then you will be refunded your $15 deposit. This approach is new to me and may have problems associated with it.  Please be patient with me as I try and figure out the details. We will try and talk scheduling between now and the day of the pageant after you have paid your deposit.

If you are interested in working me. Please get started below!