Thank you so much for the shoot the other day!  Your were professional and confident at what you did.  It makes the photoshoot go much better when a model is like that!  Thank you!  

Normally, you would see a lot less pictures but I am VERY busy right now and I had to throw a lot more online and have you shoulder the burden of selecting them.  Sorry!  Otherwise you would have had to wait even longer.  Sorry for so many pictures!

Remember that these images are straight out of the camera.  Actually you need to take that as a compliment because many of these look touched up!  I did apply various "fashion color looks" on the pictures.  When it comes down to the final editing,  you will have the "normal" looking a picture and a couple of variations.

When you are ready for the pictures, look for the numbers below.  It should look like img_XXXX.  Record the number that represents the Xs.


ORDER FORM - Please note that this method is new for me this year. In the past, I just used paper but upon the request of many, I have tried my hand at doing it digitally. It still needs work and I am not completely happy with it yet.  I appreciate your feedback.  If it is too complicated, just contact me and we can do it over the phone!  The order forms saves automatically.