Thanks again for allowing me to take your senior pictures.  It was short but fun!  Sorry that I was late again.  The offer of 15% off is still on the table.

Online Proofs

These pictures are straight out of the camera.  When we print them, they will be touched up.  

Your pictures can be found here. - Link 

 Ordering Pictures

When you are ready to order, click on the thumbnail of the picture you like.  It will bring up a larger sized picture.  Look down at the bottom left hand corner for the picture number needed for ordering.  It should say something like "jordanbrake100". 

If you would like to order sizes larger than an 8x10 then we need to talk about it more in detail.  Please feel free to contact me

Order here  - Link 

(Please note that this is the first year I have done the order this way so there may be a few glitches.  Let me know if it is too complicated or frustrating and we can go back to the old way.)