Pageant photography is a passion of mine. I enjoy doing it because it challenges my creativity, it provides an outlet whereby I get to meet new people and I get to make people feel good about themselves. Photography is also a hobby that happens to make money for me. I am a husband, dad, grandpa, fulltime school teacher, college professor and PhD student… in that order. I say all of this because that will give you a perspective of why and how I do things the way that I do with my pageant work and the value that time has on my life. Please do me two favors, read through the titles (better if you read the entire page) and complete the form near the bottom. Thanks so much!!

What is the proof turnaround time?

The normal turnaround time for the proofs is two to three weeks. Sometimes I get them under two weeks. It all depends upon what I have going on with my schedule. It is important for you to know this if you are under a time constraint. I may not be able to get them to you in under the timeline that you need for me to do.

How will I receive my proofs?

Your proofs will be delivered to you via the email address provided from the form on this page. A webpage will be designed for the contestant. One the webpage, there will be a link to the gallery and an order form.

May I have access to all of the proofs?

Yes… but the photographer is still trying to figure this one out. For an additional $100, you may have the full resolution versions of all of the pictures from the shoot. If you are interested in doing this, please go to this link for a PayPal link to order all of the pictures. As a reminder, these will NOT be touched up. These are the quality of the pictures you see on your proof gallery.

Final Prints and Procedures:

I am a fulltime school teacher and a part time professor because of this, I only work on the weekends. This is important to mention because if you submit a request on a Monday, I will not begin working on it until that upcoming weekend.

What if I want to order additional pictures beyond the two as part of the shoot?

First and Last Name of the Person Being Photographed *
First and Last Name of the Person Being Photographed
Please document the first and last name of the person being photographed.
First and Last Name of the Contact Person
First and Last Name of the Contact Person
If the person is a minor, this section must be completed. This section is optional if you are 18 or older.
Phone Number of Contact Person *
Phone Number of Contact Person
I offer password protected galleries. Would you like it to be protected?
PLEASE DO NOT give personal passwords to any other accounts. The photographer sees the password. Provide one that is unique to this gallery. I suggest the last four digits of you phone number but that is up to you.