Alaska - Day 4

Link to Day 4 pictures - Link

Day by day I get a better perspective of what God is allowing us to do in Alaska.  Where doors are closed others are opened.  For example, at first we were permitted to do an assembly in the middle school but high school principal "wanted nothing to do with us" here.  Instead God found another way.  Our kids have attended track and baseball practice with the students and the coaches were very kind in allowing us in to work out with them.  Additionally some of our students were able to attend open gymn last night and played basketball with 20+ people of Valdez.  There is another chance later that we might be able to go to open gymn volleyball in the next couple of days.  The students remaining hung out at the teen center and served ice cream to the mostly middle school aged kids.  We are very fortunate that God is allowing us to foster relationships with the community.

We painted yesterday.  This was labor an intensive activity because of all of the walls.  We should get the main parts of the church painted Wednesday.

Here is a summer picture of where we are using Google Street View - Link


Painting, Painting and more Painting


Preparing for the Youth Rally