Day 3 - Journal by Lauren

Today was day one of officially being at the Nazarene church in Valdez, Alaska. We all slept in til pretty late in the morning because we had gotten in so late the night before, and we ended up having morning devotions at around 11:00.

We then went to work cleaning the church. The FCA senior class basically took over both the church and the parsonage and scrubbed every inch. The walls, the floors, the cupboards, and the counters. Everything was fair game for the soap and sponge.  

After lunch, my group took the kitchen apart. We cleaned up our mess from lunch and reorganized everything. Dancing and cleaning are such a good combination. Cleaning took quite a while, and towards dinner time we were all pretty antsy from being inside all day.

We ate a quick dinner and took an hour to try to unwind. The boys played football in the foyer and we all just hung out and relaxed. At 7:00 we had devotions, and we were joined by a few Alaskan kids from the youth group. We had a great devo about forgiveness and unity within our class given by Sue Johnson. After the devotion we all got in a huge circle and prayed with each other.

After devotions, we all had brownies and ice cream. Which provided us with the sugar high needed to climb through 4 and a half feet of snow at the dock when we drove to town. Sprinting through the snow was a blast. I had never seen that much snow before. And we saw an otter swimming in the harbor. Overall, a great first day.