Alaska - Day 3

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Today was a work day.  We got up slowly because of the long drive last night and we started work around 1pm.  We worked nonstopped, doing Spring (deep) cleaning of the church.  We further knocked out simple repairs. 

We are around two miles outside of town.  The town reminds me of a stereotypical romantic comedy where a women from a big city meets a rugged, unrefined man from a pier town.  They eventually fall in love and change their ways mutually.  :)

At the water front there are 100+ fisher boats with tons of instruments hanging from them with dozens of docks in which the boats are anchored.  We visted the docks last night to let off steam.  I will be taking a more thorough shoot with the boats later this week.

We further did a radio spot with KVAK.  It was basically a Q and A time with a select group of students to encourage the teens to  

Our devotional time in the evening did not go as planned but it went as planned.  We had a few technical issues and had to change things but God worked out things to make them better in any of these circumstances.

Do you remember the Exon Valedez oil spill?  This community was the cleanup center for Exxon.  The actual spill occured 30 miles off the coast.  The pastor was saying that many people became very wealthy after that.

Prices are expensive here as expected.  We bought six bags of potato chips for $47.50 for an example.  These were not the family sized bags.

Your kids worked hard today.  They were relentless in doing the tasks they were asked to do.  Be proud of them!

~Mr. Hawks

Highlights of the day....

Picture of the church that we are staying...


Running through the thick snow...


Group shot by the pier in the evening...